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Our Bean

French Press

Il Gatto Nero has been an institution in Toronto's Little Italy since 1960.

The Raviele family works only with quality coffee beans, fresh roasted locally yet adhering to the traditional methods from their homeland in Naples, Italy.

The result in unequivocally the most authentic espresso experience. 


Here at our cafe we believe consistency is key, that's why we use the same family blend and bean for our espresso as well as our drip coffee. 

To truly bring out the rich darkness of our bean we do not brew our coffee in a pot but a French Press instead. 

It's stylish, fresh, and measured so that each cup has that rich taste we want. 


We have all the classics! 

We're not shy to custom orders, exciting flavours, or toppings, if you ask for it we'll try our best to make it. 

Each drink is hand crafted by our baristas who put their time and love into each cup to maximize your espresso experience. 

We promise we'll become a favourite!


Sold in

   1Kg Bags $36

0.5kg Bags $19

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