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Our Story 

Il Gatto Nero was founded in 1960 in the Little Italy neighbourhood on College Street. 

Il Gatto or the “Cat” as many have come to call and know it, has been a place where people from all walks of life have come to enjoy the food, atmosphere and of course…the coffee.


The owners of Il Gatto Nero, Carmine and Michael Raviele, father and son, have been dedicated to their clients new and old, throughout the years, and continue to treat all who walk through their doors like family. The comfortable, engaging and friendly atmosphere is only rivalled by Carmine and Michael’s ability to make you feel as though you’ve been a fixture in the “Cat” since it’s doors first opened.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, you will feel yourself part of the family once you cross our threshold.

Our Location

While the restaurant location still thrives in Little Italy, Michael decided to take a chance and bring the signature coffee to a whole new area in Etobicoke and extend his family there. 

We've taken our beloved black cat and placed him right in the heart of an up and coming industrial area. 

Slightly different from the original location we are more cafe, less restaurant while still serving delicious lunch options. 

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